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Ok, so I am about to jump into this... I have a Mitsubishi Mighty Max Pickup that is going to be my test bed. The truck has a N/A SOHC 2.4l 8v 4G64 in it. I would like to swap over to the speedduino and get everything running on the stock motor. Then I am going to install a turbo on the motor.

1. I will be adding a knock sensor to the engine as it currently does not have one.. As I have a clean slate here are there any known issues with the DSM 2G knock sensor as it is the more sensitive than the 1G sensor I would like to run the 2G knock sensor...

2. Does any one have a stock tune on file that I can start with for a Mitsubishi 4 banger G64B, 4G61, 4G63, or 4G64?
Can't monitor knock as stated. It's not very important either really. Tune the engine correctly and knock isn't an issue

There is a base tune available with the firmware. Use it to build your tune.

Speeduino is DIY. There are no "base tunes" for any particular engine due to being NO standard setup.

Everyone integrates and uses Speeduino differently.

Best to start with the supplied base tune and modifying each menu/tab/option to match your setup and requirements.

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