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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
Speeduino is designed to be used with Tunerstudio. You can download the free version. If you buy the licenced version, it can help you tune the VE table as you drive. If you don't have a Speeduino board yet, (if your pairing up, then NO2C may suit), you can just buy a mega2560 to load a tune on. You can download Ardustim to mimic a trigger wheel, however, you will need an Uno to load it on. Plus some leads. But your familiar with arduino, so may have some stuff already. So you could start learning on the bench.

Its a good idea to read the Wiki, and read it again, until you learn what will be relevant to your set up. :D
By HayBurner408G
An update - Its been a while!

Uni work amongst other things have taken their toll and I have been exceptionally busy. I have finished the longblock now and have an idea of the top end. Hopefully by end of feb everything will be on bar fuel system. I am currently in the process of using a speeduino powered device to power a CBR600RR (wish me luck!) and am seeing the learning curve with that before I fully commit. In which case I think I am going to run carbs first, then fuel only, then fuel and ign. I have found some 40IDF style bodies with injector bosses, which I intend to use rather than the previously mentioned parallel twin bodies.

I will try to update more often with more ramblings and progress, and will drop in a couple bits about the RR from time to time. in the meantime here is the longblock in the shed!
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By LAV1000
If you first run whit carb's, then I suggest to start whit ignition.
Why ?
Because If your bike runs wel on carb's and OEM ignition, you know how it should drive and react.
Get/make your new ignition table so it reacts as the OEM setup.

And ignition is the hard part to get it working due to VR/HALL sensors and noise.
Don't be afraid this forum is here to help. :D
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