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By criscecconello
Hi guys,

I uploaded the last firmware release, speeduino 202101, and I tried to use the secondary serial in Teensy 4.1.
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I am using HC-06 bluetooth module and when I use the simple Serial Bluetooth Connection with my cellphone I send the letter "S" and I receive the information "Speeduino 2019.08-ser".

When I tried to use the RealDash - Speeduino - Bluetooth - Serial3 - lasted ini file,speeduino 202101, the Realdash connected, stay connected a while (5 seconds), disconnected and repeated the same process, connected, stay connected 5 seconds, disconnected and the information not show in Realdash.

I don´t know if I need a specific ini file to work with Serial 2 on Teensy 4.1 or a configuration in Realdash.

I tried to find the speeduino.ini with this 2019.08 date, but I didn´t find it.

If you can help me I appreciate it.


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202101 is not released code. It is Beta development code, not ready for general use, and may contain bugs. Unless for a specific purpose, Beta code should not be used. Your 201908-ser is also not stable release code. You can find all stable code released here:

I would suggest you update your Speeduino, and the ini in RealDash, with the latest stable (which today is 202012). Load the base tune and re-test, reporting success or continuing failure, with specific symptoms. Good luck!
By criscecconello
Thanks for the release, the information is new for me.

Yesterday I had lucky in connected, feedback for other users that maybe has the same issue.

In Arduino IDE, I compiled the code with the option Dual Serial Port in: Tools, USB Type: Dual Serial.

In Realdash I configured this way: New connection, Speeduino, Bluetooth, Serial3, added the last ini in a release.

Sometimes I got synchronization error, but most of the time I had success, and Real Dash and Tuserstudio work together.

Thanks for help me.

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