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For discussion of Speeduino compatible boards designed / built by other members of the forum and for guidance around making such a board
By Old Grey
I wouldn't say smart, more entertaining, but he has seen stuff, which he points out in his vids.

He explains that in the 80's all tracks were straight and in one direction per layer with links rather than anything running perpendicular, and that this is when auto routing was invented and worked quite well. Now that no one uses that anymore auto routers have become a relic from the past, and you are always better off hand routing.

Like this at 26:00
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKNVIgs ... c2fd6CYqGi

This is a good one because he points out all the nick-names the designers gave the chips.
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Whatever, but if you are going to apply his opinions, then have him also provide simple solutions. Solutions are what's needed; not just the aesthetic snobbery. Snobbery could indicate solutions are available that address the project goals. If you don't know what they are, I would suggest you ask him, that's all.
By Old Grey
It looks like the BG 1.8 SOHC is annoyingly different enough to the MX5 to be a PITA.
It doesn't have the 2 IGN outs for a waste spark twin coil, but uses a single IGN out with a distributer.
But worse still it only uses a single trigger CAS. I don't know if the J927 CAS actually has the twin trigger onboard and they just cut one wire on the plug(3 wires on a 4 pin plug), or that it's different from the MX5 J925 CAS.

By Old Grey
I think the new prices of PCB production has made this DIY stuff redundant, because 5 off delivered of this odd ball size is only $26. It's only 50 cents more for double sided, and only 50 cents more for an extra 5mm to spread out that part cluster.

I think this will just be a trial and I might switch to pro made stuff, because one thing I leant from the other unit is that reliability is worth much more than the few dollars extra it costs. Like Josh's pre-made boards might be one big hit $ wise, but you will be better off because it shouldn't let you down as much as DIY stuff.
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