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By joey120373
I have a project I started a few years back, I had intended to use a Micro-Squirt Module, on a custom PNP board, for my motorcycle. Its a KTM Superduke 990.

I designed and built the PNP board, it has the coil IGBTs, as well as an arduino pro mini to control a secondary Stepper motor ( secondary throttle plates ) as well as interface with safety sensors like the kick stand and clutch inputs.

Unfortunately the MicroSquirt died, and I couldnt get the supplier to even try to fix it , the motorolla Micro just quit and I simply couldn't bring myself to fork over ~$300 for a new one. so the project got thrown in a drawer.

So i thought, why not just build my own with Speeduino?
So this a pin compatable, same form factor board, with Extra JST headers for the extra 2 injectors, 2 coil outs and IAC.

Just saw I spelled " SPURT" wrong on the silk screen.
Speeduino_MicroSquirt_module_back.png (121.12 KiB) Viewed 2076 times
Speeduino_MicroSquirt_module_front.jpg (276.65 KiB) Viewed 2076 times
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By Mr_Hypnotic
Very cool! Too bad about the MS. I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Are you going to order it as a bare board or a completed assembly?
By joey120373
Plan on just a bare board, I haven’t tried using the assembly service, and haven’t tried sourcing parts from their ( JLB ) inventory. I might have to try it though.

I’ll probably order the boards tonight, just triple checking everything and making small changes hear and there .
By joey120373
Boards arrived and look good, BOM order from digikey is on its way, so far just looking over the board, no obvious errors, couple silkscreen labels on the backside are upside down, not a big deal. I went a bit overboard on the injector traces, just in case I ever decide to use 4 injectors per driver. Hopefully start populating a board next week if work schedule allows.
By joey120373
Boards arived :D

Got the iron heated up
6FF59FB9-43BF-406C-B493-5AB7675E77A0.jpeg (412.02 KiB) Viewed 1705 times
E9A78E4A-1865-4098-9F74-C72576A862F9.jpeg (494.46 KiB) Viewed 1705 times
By joey120373
Board is 99% complete, waiting on a few parts I missed.

Only real drama ( so far ) was the cap networks on the back side. For some reason, those were a real pain to solder, and i ended up pulling a pad off of one ( the cap, not the board ).
Thinking I may try using my hot air station to solder them. They don't want to stay on the pcb pads, they dont seem to want to sit flat, they are just a real pain. I may try a different type if i can find some. The resistor networks are awesome, same basic package and they are great to solder.

I burned the boot-laoder, modified the latest code for this boards pins, and so far so good. Only able to really test a few of the analog inputs for now, ill need to get it wired up to a stim for further testing.

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