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By Chipboy
Excellent, yes do not use air flow with MAP and TPS only other question is whilst this is Motronic which dates back a bit now is there room for an idle air is 8825 controller? I am happy to do this and make it more specific to the PSA engines whilst I am fairly sure BMW must have something like this?
By Chipboy
Whatever your favourite drink is, I owe you one or a few! Fits the Bosch case used in PSA perfectly and is everything I want! Been a few years since I designed a PCB though!
By MatijaCHA
Im at this stage steal missing few parts..:( waiting for them....

@RAKU Can you explain me please The Clutch output on the 6pin micro molex ..?

Is it a normal ground wire that gous to a switch(under the Clutch pedal) and tan to ground ?

And this High and low clutch which should i pick what dos it mean .?

Which output i have to select on Tuner studio for lunch control/flat shift
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By Raku
is your clutch switch connects to ground or 12v power when pressing the clutch ? if its connect to ground then you only have to solder the components on the active low area only. if the clutch connect to 12v solder the components on the active high area. don't solder both.
By Masad3
If i will replace the electric throttlebody with a "normal" cable version (straight from m50 with adapter maybe?), then it should work? Anyone done this before? Can i steal wiring to tps and idle cotrol valve from the electric throttle? I dont need asc or cruise control in this car so that would not be a problem.
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