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By Vauhtivaunu
pazi88 wrote:
Wed Apr 10, 2019 4:40 am
Raku wrote:
Wed Apr 10, 2019 1:35 am
I have base tune for m40b18 engine. It'll probably work fine with m20 and m30 but I don't have correct trigger angle for them
M20 trigger angle is 84 degrees BTDC. But no idea about m30.
M30 is same. I´ve measured 84 to 88 with timing light so theonewithin is 100% correct. You must check right ignition timing with strobe.
By MatijaCHA
Im new and a beginner for things like this i have some basic knowledge But HIGHLY motivated to learn..!! So feel free to correct me if i write bullshit ..
I just got the PCB at home and i will test it on my budys M40b18 Turbo project... I got you with the Solder jumper to 4zyl but i dont understand your IGNITION output numbering then numbering ..

Can you plx write me down somthing like IGN1.1-----COIL 1 zyl 1
IGN 2.2----COIL 2 zyl 2
IGN?? --- COIL 3 zyl 3
IGN?? ---COIL 4 zyl 4
https://speeduino.com/forum/download/fi ... ew&id=4881
We will try to install some coils and some cam sensor (if its possible on that PCB) so that wee can go full seQ ign and inj
INJECTORS(460cc) i just RUN direct to the PCB..?

Any kind of suggestion are welcome
my mail matija.ivancic@gmail.com (for your base tune if you dont mind)
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By Raku
for 4 cylinder sequential solder joint 5 (sj5) need to connect 1 and 2 position.that enable the 4th ignition driver output on the aux connector (ign3.2/4).
So for 4 cylinder sequential connect
Ign1.1 ----> cylinder 1
Ign2.1 ----> cylinder 4
Ign3.1 ----> cylinder 2
Ign3.2/4 --> cylinder 3
(Firing order 1-3-4-2)
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By Raku
to switch between 6 cylinder semi seq and 4 cylinder seq

solder jumper 5 configure the last ignition igbt to use speeduino ignition out 3 for 6 cylinder semi seq or ignition out 4 for 4 cylinder seq
By Chipboy
Superb effort, this must have taken time and best of luck with its implementation and testing.

My project is slightly different.

May I copy this and modify to the PSA standard of MAP outside on the manifold so its wired to the connector? I am sure its going to need extensive changes to suite this manufacturer.
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