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By dannesjoman
Disconnected the tps, id sensor and the maf.
Now the ecu gets power! But still q1 gets very hot.

Edit: removed q1 now everyrhing works, injectors opening, everything exepts spark, proberly burnt q1 when in the tune the settings was set to going high on coil output..
By sk8
I just finished building the speeduino and tried plugging it into the car for the first time. Seems to work fine with ignition key off, once I turned the ignition key on the IGBT on Q1 started smoking. I read earlier that this could be caused by bad tps wiring, but I had the tps unplugged. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can track down what's causing this problem?
By sk8
Raku wrote:
Tue Sep 01, 2020 2:49 am
q1 is coil driver.make sure you have base tune loaded up before plugging in to the car. and make sure spark output trigger is set to going low.
That fixed my issue, it was configured to going high. I was able to crank the car over after changing that setting. A new issue I have is it doesn't seem to read my wideband sensor, I have it plugged in to the pin on the board marked as o2. I checked voltage at this pin from my o2 sensor and everything looks correct. Do you know how I can troubleshoot this?

EDIT: The issue was the ground. I had the o2 sensor hooked up on the bench and the board not plugged into my car, so the o2 sensor and speeduino were not sharing the same ground.
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