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By malgrips
Sorry for the lack of response. World has gone mad.

So having checked out all the wiring, made certain the CAS was within tolerance (about 540 ohms at the ECU connector) VR converter was plugged in correctly and going back to square one with a new project on the 10th April the car started!

I then set about trying to refine the tuning and a few days later it again suddenly stopped running again so I'm thinking I have repeated the same mistake I had previously. Again I went back to earlier restore points and cannot get the car to run again so I'm stuck again.

Been up to my neck in the day job for week s now but finally got some time with the car today. Have attached the project and a log of the car when cranking. I must be doing something really fundamentally wrong or something has broken again. I'm probably not helping myself by going with the ITBs but determined to get it to work. do I definitely have to have MAP sensor active as trying to only use Alpha-N...… and the car did run so any help will be gratefully accepted.

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By jonbill
I'm not familiar with this PCB, but based on my (somewhat similar) use of a 0.4.3c, I think :
your required fuel value seems very high, and the injector size captured in the calculator seems very small.
on my 2.9 L 6 cylinder engine, I have 315 cc injectors and required fuel is 10.8. you have 25.
You've also got simultaneous injector staging and I think you should use alternating.
your cranking advance is 18 degrees which seems very high - I have 5 degrees.
your voltage in your log is 9.6 so you've got a flat battery.
your TPS load axis in your tables start at 16%, which I think means you have very low resolution of partially open throttle. I start mine at 1%. (I'm running pure Alpha-N too).

I think thats all *I* can see.
By alex-84

I just put the ecu in my 325i e30,

(it is not the same pcb as yours, I revised the board to directly weld an atmega2560, and not use the arduino, but the rest of the schematic is compatible)

the car seems to start to run around 1-2 engine revolutions then cut and nothing more even if I continue to activate the starter ...

the tooh logger graph looks correct,

would someone have a base map for m20b25 or m20b20 to share? or just confirm if my base settings are correct?

req fuel : 17.3
control : MAP
squirts : 2
injectors : alternating
engine: four stroke
cylinders: 6
injectors port: port
number of injectors: 6
engine: even fire

trigger: missing tooth
primary base teeth: 60
trigger speed: crank
missing teeth: 2
trigger angle: -84
skip cycles: 1
trigger edge: falling

thanks ;)
By alex-84
I just changed the trigger angle from -84 to 276 the car started :)

for now the settings are very bad the idle does not hold, and my rev counter does not work, I still have work!
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