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The PCB should not need MAP sensor notching for clearance if mounted in the correct way. On the Speeduino v0.3/0.4 boards they are mounted upside-down (hole up instead of properly hole down and writing up). ;) In your images, the sensor is shown mounted either upside-down on top, or properly but on the bottom of the board. I would mount it away from the edge like pazi88 shows, but correctly oriented and with no notch. But that's me. Do your thing.

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By Raku
Ah I can do that too. I do like to put the map sensor completely inside the casing so I'll be protected if dropped or something happens. I designed this based on 0.4.3 design and haven't looked at 0.4.4 design so that's the problem :lol:
By MatijaCHA
yeah i noticed at number 39 the MPX4250AP... The problem is the auto BOM pull from the LCSC website it renumbers all and dont pronounce what is missing what they dont have. It only shows 33 items from 47 i will have to analyse what is missing and then buy it separate form other dealers... any other links mybe where to paste the BOM and buy..? :D or i will do it the long way...
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