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By CROe34m50
I conected the assembled board to tuner studio and opend a new project loaded the 202002 firmware and it reconized it from there it opened the gauge cluster and powered up from there i assume i have to load a msq. tune
BUT i repeat i dont know how to get tunes from github there is no download for the msq. file
you can only see this tipe of letters.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<msq xmlns="http://www.msefi.com/:msq">
<bibliography author="TunerStudio MS Lite! 3.1.01 - EFI Analytics, Inc." tuneComment="" writeDate="Sun Feb 16 13:39:34 EET 2020"/>
<versionInfo fileFormat="5.0" firmwareInfo="Speeduino+2020.02" nPages="11" signature="speeduino 202002"/>
By CROe34m50
TNX i did it loaded the map i went trough some sensors calibrated tps and map is good at 99kpa.
I am going to get a registerd version of tunerstudio and will be making adapter for the chery hall sensor
what is the clearance from the tooth to the sensor ? 8-) 8-)
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CROe34m50 wrote:
Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:04 pm
what is the clearance from the tooth to the sensor ? 8-) 8-)
The sensor pictured appears to be the popular Cherry (ZF Electronics) GS100502. The datasheets (attached) say:

Operating Air Gap / Sensing Distance* 1.5 mm (0.06")
* With recommended target type; see drawing


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By pazi88
Vauhtivaunu wrote:
Tue Apr 07, 2020 7:26 am
You should have some kind of heat sink for those ISL9V-transistors (ignition IGBT´s) or they will fry.
Yes that's right. The built-in heat sinks can be used in those Bosch Motronic ecus. But for some reason those seem to be cut off in the pic. Also leaving fets free standing is not good for longevity.

Regarding the actual topic, I have now finished designing rev2.1 m52 PCB. Lots of spare time now because of corona virus :D

There are multiple additions in that:
- All inputs from outside ecu are now protected.
- Two external connectors are now single molex microfit 3.0
- 3 analog inputs on the external connector. There is possibility to add bias resistor if these are temp sensors. Or these could be digital inputs too.
- +12v switched power on the external connector. For example to power FAN relay coil or maybe the 8xEGT box I designed.
- stock narrowband lambdas are now wired in also. Don't know if those can be actually used, but there is also other options that the way I did this allows. Like:
  • - Lambda heaters can be on all the time or by boost output. Set by jumper. This allows to use code to control lambda heating by boost output (you wouldn't use the stock lambdas with turbo anyways ;) ) Or you can wire boost solenoid to lambda sockets, so there is no need to run separate boost control wires to engine bay. switched +12v for solenoid can be get from the second wire fro lambda heating.
    - The lambda signal ground can be set to ground or +5v by jumper. This allows to use the stock lambda sensors by setting both to gnd or for example +5v pressure sensors. Set lambda one ground to ground and another to +5v. And you get gnd, +5v and two signal wires to wire in two pressure sensors. Without needing to run extra wires to engine bay.
    - There is also bias resistors for lambda signal wires. As far as I know bias resistors are needed to use stock lambda sensors (Looks like stock ecu resistors are 410 Ohms). Or that allows to wire in temp sensors to lambda sensor sockects.
- There is now pads to use also SOP or SSOP MAP sensors instead of the regular ones. These are generally bit cheaper and also allows to run the hose out of different place if setup needs that.
- There is also SOP/SSOP pads for second pressure sensor. For example if you wan't to monitor exhaust back pressure.
- VSS input also added to stock ms41 VSS input pin. This needs coding to actually work.
- removed the jumpers and option to run 202002 or older FW. Current master code has support for 6-cyl sequential so that's not needed anymore.

To compile the master code or the upcoming FW release to be used, you need to change these two lines in globals.h:

So number of injector channels to 6 and number of ignition channels to 3 and you are good to go.
By Dagaz_Psi
Nice work as allways. That footprint solution is smooth with all three stacked. I was doing the same thing with two footprints a couple of days ago and was feeling a little smart but thats even better.
By pazi88
Hi! Leave out the IGBTs and jump over those like this:

And the replace the resistors R25,R27,R31,R32,R45 and R74 with 10ohm 2W ones.
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