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Hi Fellows

Inspired by the pionners into this part of the forum, i started a new design of stimulator board.

The goal of this design is to include a lot of features to test and stimulate a Speeduino board, but it could be populate according to your need only. Even, with the full populate board (with all the features) final price need to be under control!
(I don't care about the final PCB size, because this PCB will be a Lab. tool. No need to go as small as possible, this tool need to be nice, easy to use and reliable)

Main features:
-10 sensors and 8 Pots: CAM, CRANK, TPS, CLT, MAT, O2, O2_2, Spare, IMAP, EMAP, FLEX, CLUTCH
-Ardu-Stim included for CRANK and CAM signals (with Pot for RPM)
-Push-in connector (no tool needed to connect), with 3.5mm pitch (could be replace by 3.5mm pitch screw terminals)

-Test points for all the relevant signals (Scope) , and also bars for logic analyser.
I will share the schematic ASAP.

At the moment, missing Push button to activate clutch signal, and other stuffs....
Feel free to comment the preliminary PCB.

EDIT 28/12/2020:
Add schematic, assembly drawings from TOP and BOTTOM view for the final design Rev.1.
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Hi fellows,

close to the end for assembly, just miss LEDs. (Ardu-stim run well!)
almost ready to run ;)
@Mr_Hypnotic i will check for engine sounds :lol:

(The board is not 100% populate, because don't need some features at the moment.)

If some of you need this PCB board, feel free to ask, i have 8 pcs more. Cost is 6 euros/pcb without shipping and 2 euros per PCB will go back to speeduino project.
I will add a BOM in the fist page, but components cost is not expensive, (aliexpress is your friend) and you can only populate according your needs.
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Pm sent

Great, I might buy one now

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