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By Jaimyy
Hello guys,

Since december I am succesfully boosted with the NA6 PNP V1.1 ecu and really had no issues with it until last weekend. I was driving to the Nurburgring for a couple of laps but my trip was cut short when the car suddenly ran badly with afr's pegged at 8 on my aem. I smelled alot of unburned fuel so I cut the engine and coasted of to the side of the highway worried the car was leaking fuel. But as the afr's lead me to believe the engine was floading itself so badly a very distinct unburned fuel came from the exhaust. The car was recovered eventually and it was delivered to me back on monday.

I pulled the sparkplugs and cilinder 2 & 4 were full of fuel what lead me to believe that there is an electrical issue on the "bank" that controls those injectors. After measuring with a multimeter with the ignition on the plugs on injector 2 & 4 have constant 12volt so if the fuel pump primes it dumps fuel in the engine. Measuring the other injector plugs I saw 1.6 volts aka off. To rule out the wiring from the injectors to the ecu I measured the wires and it seems there was no premature grounding before the ecu. So I think the ecu is shorted out on that bank of injectors but I can't really see anything wrong on the pcb or the arduino mega. I don't have alot of knowledge on pcb's and how to check for faults so if anyone has a suggestion(s) I would greatly appreciate it :D

Kind regards,
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