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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
By Tjeerd
Hi All

I fixed the flash as EEPROM and also now everything compiles with the 1.7.0 of the ST STM32duino core. It only works on the arduino IDE for now. PIO does not have the new version of the arduino core (yet).

This is the manual to compile/test the code on a Black stm32F407VE6T board from eBay.

Install tool chain
1. Install the arduino IDE (1.8.10)
2. Install the stm32duino core from: https://github.com/stm32duino/Arduino_Core_STM32 (version 1.7.0)
3. install https://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/pr ... eprog.html

Build code
1. Download the speeduino master code from my fork (https://github.com/Tjeerdie/speeduino)
2. Open the code in de arduino IDE.
3. In arduino IDE select Tools->Board: GENERIC STM32F4 series
4. In Arduino IDE select Tools->Board part number: "BLACK F407VE"
5. In Arduino IDE select Tools->USART support: Enabled (generic serial)
6. In Arduino IDE select Tools->USB support: CDC (generic serial)
7. Edit the board.txt file located in
--------Windows: C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\STM32\hardware\stm32\1.7.0\
--------Linux: ~/.arduino15/packages/STM32/hardware/stm32/1.7.0/boards.txt
8. Replace line 895 with the following: GenF4.build.extra_flags= -DSPIFLASH_AS_EEPROM -DCORE_STM32_OFFICIAL -D{build.product_line} {build.enable_usb} {build.xSerial} {build.bootloader_flags}
10. Build the speeduino project.

Hardware modifications
1. Remove the R21 resistor from the board (close to USB port)
2. Put the jumper close to the CPU (BT0) to connect to the 3.3 volt instead of GND (one step up)
3. Reset the board.

1. In Arduino IDE select Programmer: "STM32CubeProgrammer DFU"
2. Upload the code
3. Put the Jumper back in its original position.

After these steps you should be able to connect to the board using the USB cable and use tuner studio. Tested the compilation in Linux Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS. The board will lockup during boot when there is no SPI flash module available.
By Rene325
Thank you for your work !

I get this compiling error :

exit status 1
variable or field 'oneMSIntervalIRQ' declared void

By Rene325
Ooops, that slipped !
I thought I compiled you version.
Now it compiles perfect.
Can't wait to test on my board, which runs rusEFI with E-Gas, Knock (HIP9011) and WB (CJ125).

Thanks !
By Tjeerd
Unfortunately, most probably that code does not work on that hardware It uses battery backed sram or spiflash to store a TS tune. Both are available on the so-called black stm32f407ve boards from eBay or Ali.

Pinout of the board is not set for any released hardware yet.

Also the code is at an very alpha stage. It is never even tested on any car yet. I am not responsible for any damage resulting from trying. If you do not know exactly what you are doing It is very possible connected ignition coils or coil drivers are damaged by trying. Or a number of other things can get damaged! Be very very careful.
By Tjeerd
Rene325 wrote:
Tue Oct 01, 2019 11:08 pm
I know, I'm ising my own board with a Black board and running rusEFI
Ah in that case, very nice! I hope to get my own board soon!
By Rene325
This one
Onboard ETC, HIP9011, CJ125 :)
IMG_20191002_083443 (1).jpg
IMG_20191002_083443 (1).jpg (2.62 MiB) Viewed 3008 times
By Tjeerd
Rene325 wrote:
Wed Oct 02, 2019 5:00 pm
This one
Onboard ETC, HIP9011, CJ125 :)
Looks like a nice. Any progress on testing on the board?
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