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By Trinom
inspired by other ECU manufacturers, how difficult it would be to add a dyno mode? The aim is to be able to fine tune the cells in steady state on dyno, while transmitting most of the essential informations (RPM, ignition timing, lambda, lambda target, etc.) via CAN to the dyno controller. Also the dyno mode should consist of possibility to make sweeps across predefined range of settings, i.e. timing sweep to find MBT. In this mode, it should ignore the tables and allow the operator to input the requested parameters, as well as extract them from the existing tables.
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Interesting idea, although I would have a preference (currently) of the opposite. As we can use the incredibly powerful MegaLogViewer (MLV) for data analysis of all the functions, parameters and data (where the tuning "work" really happens); I would like to see the dyno data passed back to Speeduino and included in the log files with our own data. At that point, we would have everything in one place, and software to manipulate and analyze it.

When making sweeps, we can control the specific timing (for example) at any point, and change on-the-fly. Searching for MBT is not only directly controlled, but also calculated from the total data. While typically we would do a pull for data, then (random example) "try" adding 2° and test again for comparisons, it's rather cool to do a couple pulls and have overlay analysis tell you that 2.4° is the target and 3.1° in the next cell we haven't even gone yet. 8-)

Anyway, I like your idea, and would like to see improved data sharing both or either ways.
By dazq
Teensy based speeduino already have realtime data available via canbus.
Also tunerstudio supports custom applications addin (I forget what programming language you need to build them in) , you can create custom modules that access all the table and realtime data from within TS .
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By Eric H
If the dyno had an analog out for the current torque that would be trivial to add if there was a spare A/D input.

My own dashboard project for the race car has an additional 12 analog inputs as well as a 9 axis IMU, 10Hz GPS, four high power LED drivers (3 with PWM), eight extra digital I/O, and a LoRa radio for realtime telemetry to the pits.
Everything gets logged in a synchronous manor so we can watch oil pressure vs. G forces, TPS average vs. lap times and anything you can dream up. It did OK in our only race of the year, but it still needs a bit of work.
The injector on time output from the Speeduino seems to work well but we didn't get to burn enough fuel to test it for accuracy.
By CD..
Thats how it worked wen i worked with it in the OEM world, the ECU could be controlled from both the calibration software and the dyno itself. Very handy when you want to do automated testing(most of the test) of different parameters, and have both data aqusition from external sensors and ECU parameters in the same data logs, and every parameter can be used for both controlling, hardware protection alarms etc.

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