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By kaighn80
is there a way of having a pre-programmed length of time for an engine to cool off and pass oil and/or water through the turbo, so the idea is pull up where your stopping, turn the key off and remove, lock the car etc and the car runs for a min or so to pass cooler fluids through the engine and turbo to reduce wear of the hot stop.

Stopping hot (especially after kicking the engines arse!!) can leave the turbo roasting and no flow of oil means the oil left in the bearings can cook.
By theonewithin
No Speeduino doesn't have anything to do that as once you turn the key off Speeduino loses power.

Also why.overthink things?

Just don't drive stupid for the last couple of minutes before you pull up or just relax in your car for 30 seconds before getting our.
By CD..
My car is 70s turbo tech with no water cooling so this is something i need to think about, idling is pretty awful for cooling down, it takes ages. The best method by far is to drive carefully without boost for the last part of the journey, the low load and air flow through the engine bay cools stuff down efficiently.
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Indeed you can easily add a $5 timer relay on the Speeduino power input, programmed to whatever delay you like if you believe it is required to run such a timer. Turbo timers are not recommended for street use, and not allowed by any sanctioned racing organization I know of for multiple safety violations. An exception would be a timed relay on an electric oil pump for turbo cooling (no engine running). So if it's not for racing, then it's up to your judgment to use one, but I doubt that function would intentionally be part of Speeduino.

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