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By Marius222

My IAT readings are fine. But CLT stuck on 82c sometimes -17 if I change resistance manually.
0.4.4b (speeduino-202012release)
Car: Ford sierra Pinto engine
Please help! THX
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By jonbill
I think mine said 82 until I connected it and calibrated it.
I take it yours is connected, so maybe the wrong board is selected?
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By jonbill
yes, I think the arduino pin for it might vary with the speeduino board, so you have to select the right speeduino board in tunerstudio.
By Marius222
Its all winter project for me. If I see update I take speeduino from car take back home and update. I did not use any other version before. Today was the first start of the car but CLT readings fail. Yesterday I installed speeduino-202012, today started the car. IDK what was the readings before the update :(
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By jonbill
No reason to think there's a problem with that firmware, I'm sure others would have spotted if it didn't read the CLT sensor.
I would guess there is a physical connection problem - the sensor is not connected to the arduino pin.
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