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By Yoosyn
It is not related with new firmware update.
Speeduino working in parallel to OEM. OEM harness where VR1+ and VR2+ are separate and VR1- VR2- are bridged. MAX conditioner.
Settings (+new ignition mode)
ParallelSettings.png (58.42 KiB) Viewed 850 times
It may get sync or not. It started to get sync randomly after OCT18 trigger rework. Comparing AUG18 and OCT18 i found solution disabling one line:
linedisabled.png (14.93 KiB) Viewed 850 times
Now it get sync every time but need at least 2s of cranking. RISING trigger edge gives good timing with slight drift (around 1degree per 1kRPM). FALLING gives 12 degree overadvanced timing (dont know about drift, didnt measure). With "NEW ignition mode" I can't influence timing with trigger angle. Trigger angle works with "old" ignition mode. Here is composite log as I use this trigger in my daily (RISING edge + new ignition mode):
paralell.png (162.61 KiB) Viewed 850 times
Otherwise than long sync there is also small bogging, ignition drop around 1600, 2400, 2700, 3200 rpm. It is repetable and showed after updating AUG18-> OCT18. Currently I'm using MAY20 and it is still there. Otherwise trigger is fully usable.

Case2: I started working on stand alone version based on 0.4.3c. MAX9926 conditioner.
After few days of problem solving i got it running, with fuel pump, fan and every accessory I need. The problem is it only get sync with FALLING trigger angle:
sasetting.png (52.91 KiB) Viewed 850 times
And this is composite log:
sa2.png (193.78 KiB) Viewed 850 times
It sync only on FALLING setting which gives 12degree overadvanced (and stable) timing. It can be corrected using "old ignition mode" but timing becomes unstable on mid/high rpm...
During messing with harness I accidently changed VR1+ and VR2+. It got sync very fast :D of course it was showing wrong messy RPM.
Now my questions:
What can I do to make it work good? Should I provide VR1- and VR2- separate lines? May I use R10 and R12 resistors on VR conditioner? What trigger angle should be used when working with VR conditioner? Do changing polarity remove 12 degree offset on FALLING trigger angle?
By NickZ
You cannot share VR signals, you will never get it perfect.
If you want to run them in parallel you will need a new trigger for the speeduino.
By theonewithin
That trigger wheel is still in testing.

If you want to help get it finished join Slack and speak with those on there about what they need to get it done.

If you just want to get your car running with Speeduino right now you are best to change to a different trigger pattern.
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By Yoosyn
NickZ wrote:You cannot share VR signals, you will never get it perfect.
I heard about it. It was setup just for test, and last for two years.
theonewithin wrote:That trigger wheel is still in testing.
If you want to help get it finished join Slack and speak with those on there about what they need to get it done.
I've made annoucment on slack. Maybe someone will help. Sadly, my coding skill is not sufficent to do that.. but I'm willing to test out any new version :twisted:
By Damouk
Did the 202008 firmware fix your misfire?

I'm working on an na subaru which has a random misfire. I have spotted when it misfires injector 1 doesn't squirt (led fails to flash)

Also having a similar issue getting sync. I have separated the vr- signals (fairly easy as there's a joint block right by the ecu)

I could only get sync with the vr wires swapped and sync in every cycle set to no. It seems ok, but also have an ofset that can't be changed
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By Yoosyn
Damouk wrote:Did the 202008 firmware fix your misfire?
Yes, no more misfires :D

You might try putting both VR - to the ground. Oem harness do so.
I take break testing stand alone version. Parallel version is working very good. Only drawback is 2,5-3s sync time.
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