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I am tuning a 2jz and go into some issues mostly after I ran out of gas. Not sure if it is related or not but the car does a good run when first start (will confirm that tomorrow) then randomly it starts failing so bad that I can barely get back inside the garage. I got a log while it worked then the failure with the sync loss

Spark plugs are good,
wiring was done from scratch.
Crank is Missing teeth 36-2 (Falling Edge)
Cam Single tooth with Weak filter (Falling Edge)
Grounded both sides of the block. One on the engine mount and the other side on the bottom of the block
DW 1000cc injectors

The wires are going through the firewall and all together from the engine side to the passenger side of the car.

The crank and cam sensor are wired correctly and the shields are joined and on the shield from the ECU harness.

Any idea would be helpful. I am researching still what can be wrong but to me it sounds like it is something wire related somewhere (genius lol)

Thanks in advance
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alright I found the issue.
I was reading yesterday about alternator being a possible cause so I replaced mine since it was old. As I was doing that when I plug my PC I was getting constant 180 deg on the Coolant Temp which of course was wrong with the car parked for hours. I had my connector to the ECU not clicked all the way. Somehow my car was "running" but the AFR was crazy which would make it pop with the auto correct.

I also added 3 grounds before realizing that ECU wasn't connected all the way lol

Thank for the help though.
Alright I though I had fixed it but it is not. always deopping RPM to 0 after or pretty close to 4k mostly in 2ng gear.

Thing I've done already:
Added grounds from block to chassis
4 grounds from the Speeduino split into 1 head, 2 engine block, 1 chassis passenger, 1 chassis driver side
Replace crank sensor
delete the factory shielded cable and soldered the ECU shielded cable straight into the connector.
Removed the cam sensor so it is running only on crank
It is a VS Sensor so it also goes through the Mini Max A2 Conditioner

Still cutting after getting sync loss always 4k and after and it picks back up quickly and happens again and again on the same pull .

So flooring on 2nd gear it will happen from 4k all the way to 6.8k multiple times most of the times.

I attached a tooth log. It is a 36-2 trigger wheel from a 2jz ge turbo
Attached also the project and a couple of logs. go straight to the sync loss. I changed the filter to easy then medium to see if it would help but it got even worse. I guess because of the false positive.

I do not have a ground on my transmission though. Would that be a problem?

You can hear the cutting off after 4k on my video here
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it had 4 ground. I run all of them to a single ground point for consistency. Was getting sync loss then someone suggested to get grounds from different places.

I can revert to a single ground place just let me know and I will try. But again it was all grounds on the chassis of the car and had sync loss
oh dang. Gotcha.
I inverted that a while ago and car started and was rough so I though it was wrong. Currently I have 190 on the trigger Angle probably it will be a few degrees up or down from there.

I will do that and post what happened.
I appreciate your help!
I will check that also. I was asked to check the tooth logger and I had two high bars so switched the wires and it looked great. Probably now changing to the correct edge I might need to switch again. Thanks for bringing that up. I will get a tooth logger also to see how it looks.
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