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Any strange behaviour, crashing issues etc, post them here! Problems compiling the firmware should go in the General support section rather than here
By noisymime
Can you post your tune up?

It's possible you inadvertently have something else assigned to pin A2 that it causing it to freeze on startup (Potentially something that is active in the new FW that wasn't there in the last one).
By Fatman
Hello everyone! So yes.. The issue was my tune. I got a new Mega, put the new firmware in it, then uploaded my tune and it broke.. I have no idea exactly what it was, but I made the whole tune from scratch 6 months ago because I had not yet completed the board assembly and I didn't realise there were base maps out there at the time.

So basically I downloaded a base tune and transferred the tables and settings across. It works as intended. Thank you all for your suggestions and help!!
So valuable lesson learned, always start off with a base tune!
All that is left to sort is the lost sync problem at full boost.. But I am reasonably sure that is down to the wiring to the VR crank sensor not being shielded.

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