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By turtana
I see the same thing on a 60-2 + 1 tooth on cam, i had rely bad emi problems with peugeot sagem cop coils and bosch 200 igniter like epic bad. changed to vag cop coils and made the shortest of power lines directly from battery to coils. zero noise issues but, like in the pictures when the cam trigger edge goes inline with a crank trigger edge regardless of being rising or falling it get´s blocked and you only see a thin line. one simple way to see this that your cpu loop/s time will go down to 630~ish.

for me helped disabling "new ignition mode" now get 910~930 loops/s and more you have jitter on your map reading will affect this too ( i have 100 on the analog filter on map with lumpy cams)

when loops go to near 600 it only sees cam signal randomly.
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