Any strange behaviour, crashing issues etc, post them here! Problems compiling the firmware should go in the General support section rather than here
By noisymime
You cannot just disconnect the wire and have the input floating. If an input has nothing connected to it but is set for interrupt monitoring, it's just going to fire randomly based on electrical noise. This doesn't indicate a problem, it's just how electronics work.

Super basic electronics lesson: if you have an input on being monitored, it must have something connected to it. Connect the pin to earth and you'll see that everything is fine.
By hello
Didn't processors change since the '40's,
pull-up, push-up, ice cream, you scream

but I don't know exactly why one pin should be any different from another,
but there behavior is.
my preschooler says the board looks really ugly, she could do better, see attached.
speeduino v0.7.jpg
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